OffRoad Tour Nürburgring

Co-pilot ride through the beautiful Eifel

Co-pilot drive in the under8 Mercedes C63S AMG or Dodge RAM 5.7 through the Eifel and around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

Stops: Brünnchen, Pflanzgarten, Antoniusbuche

Bookable: Backstage tour, track walk, bike tour on the Nürburgring

Group size: up to 20 people

Company events above the track

Corporate events and workshops in a private box with a view of the Grand Prix circuit and paddock.

Bookable: Co-pilot rides, backstage tours, barbecues, hikes, and much more.

Group size: up to 100 people

Firmenveranstaltungen Nürburgring
Offroadpark Nürburgring

Co-pilot off-road tour through the Eifel

Co-pilot drive through the 80,000 square meter Nürburgring Offroadpark in our under8 Dodge RAM 5.7.
Bookable: Barbecue, hike along the Nordschleife, and much more. Group size: up to 50 people

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